Fuel System Parts

Semi Truck Fuel System Parts

The fuel system in your truck is what keeps it going. This includes the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injector, and the carburetor. All of these components play a critical role in keeping your truck running as efficiently as possible. The fuel tank acts as the reservoir for fuel and conveys information to the gas gauge so that you know when to fill up. Making sure this is working properly ensures that your fuel is safely stored and that your gauge correctly updates you on your vehicle’s needs.

The fuel pump is what draws the fuel to the engine where it can be put to use and the injector opens/closes the valve to allow delivery. The filter keeps the fuel clean and free of water that would damage your engine. Finally, the carburetor properly mixes air and fuel that is delivered to the engine. Keeping all of these parts healthy and functioning properly will ensure the health of the rest of the vehicle, particularly the engine.

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  1. CAT Injector GP-Fuel
  2. CAT® Fuel Priming Pump Assembly
  3. CAT® Fuel Bypass Valve
  4. CAT® Single Fuel Inector Gasket Kit
  5. CAT® Single Fuel Injector Kit
  6. CAT® Fuel Priming Pump Assembly
  7. CAT® Fuel Pump Switch Assembly
  8. CAT Fuel Hose

8 Items

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