PanaPacific Mack Harness

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Brand: PanaPacific

Description: Manufacturer’s warranty only

PanaPacific Mack Harness

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Pana-Pacific Authorized Dealer

For over 40 years, Pana-Pacific has worked closely with OEM’s to ensure that every driver has top of the line technology to help them get the most out of their vehicle. Whether your company has a small fleet under 12 or over 100, Pana-Pacific has products to tackle any issues you might have.

Pana-Pacific understands what it takes to provide specialized products and support that exceeds customer expectations. Customers, typically commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturers, are in continuous operation by owners, and their livelihood depends on quality and reliability.

That’s why the Pana-Pacific team of sales and engineering experts has worked side by side with CV manufacturers to develop and provide quality products in the vehicles that live up to the standards required by users of their vehicles. Customers have come to rely on Pana-Pacific to be the expert in the areas of mobile audio and entertainment, satellite radio, mobile appliances, safety, and more.

Pana-Pacific takes pride in consistently delivering quality products today. At the same time, they take responsibility to guide our customers to plan for future products and technology that will position them as industry leaders.
Manufacturer’s warranty only