Maxxima® Wiring Harness M50960-50

Wiring Harness

SKU: M50960-50


Description: TWIN .180 FEMALE BULLET 12" LEAD CONTINUOUS WIRE HARNESS Maxxima M50960-50 is a roll of 50 Twin .180 Female Bullet Continuous Wire Harness. Gen 2 Connector Nickel Plated Bullet Red PVC Housing Improved Design Non Corrosive Longer Life 1 Year Warranty 12" Leads, 50 connectors per roll.


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Maxxima is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting in the commercial vehicle industry, consumer and industrial markets. For years, Maxxima has been at the forefront of innovative and revolutionary lighting products.

With an in-house staff of engineers and exclusive manufacturing facilities, Maxxima pushes boundaries and is always searching for new, more efficient lighting solutions. Maxxima manufactures everything from stop, tail and turn (STT), emergency, interior cargo, clearance and side marker LED lamps, and add-on accessories, to off-road lighting, and even a complete wire harness system for trucks, buses, trailers, medium and heavy duty trucks. As you can see, Maxxima offers the most comprehensive range of lighting products for a wide variety of applications.

LED lighting has revolutionized the lighting environment. It emits a very intense glow that is brighter than incandescent while consuming 10 percent of the energy required for incandescent. LED lights are also more resistant to shock, vibration and last an incredible 100,000 hours, which amounts to about a decade of regular use. Maxxima continues to introduce new and exciting products, many of which have been granted worldwide patent protection for their unique designs and functions which are exclusively available from Maxxima.

With over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, warranty policy and reputation, Maxxima Lighting offers the most dependable product line on the market today.
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