Goodyear Air Spring - Rolling Lobe Airbag 1R12-281

Air Spring - Rolling Lobe Airbag

SKU: 1R12-281


Applications: Air Spring - Rolling Lobe Airbag


  • Rolling Lobe Airbag Top Plate Hole/Stud: 2
  • Bottom Plate Hole/Stud: 5
  • Top Plate Diameter: 9
  • Bottom Plate Diameter: 10.1
  • Collapsed Height: 9
  • Flexmember: 566-24-3-066
  • Piston: 566-20-7-080
  • Piston Type: C

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Goodyear® Air Spring products, including the Super-Cushion® and Spring-Ride® airbag components, are industry-leading air suspension products in trucking safety and performance.
These products provide exceptional vibration isolation and durability, helping to reduce driver fatigue, equipment wear and tear, as well as minimizing maintenance costs.

Air Spring products are constructed from lightweight, high-strength materials that provide a smoother ride and outlast the competition.

The Super Cushion® air springs give trucks, trailers, and buses new levels of safety, productivity and stretch the lifespan. These springs offer a quiet, cushioned ride that helps improve driver comfort by reducing fatigue, which keeps them more alert, therefore keeping the roads safer. Especially on rough roads, vehicles with STEMCO Super Cushion® rolling lobe airbags bounce less than those with steel springs, which helps truck drivers remain in control. Additionally, cargo loads stay safer with improved protection from the shock and vibration.

This shock and vibration transferred to a tractor, bus, or trailer by steel springs will accelerate wear to things like lights, electrical components, instruments, bodies, cabs, axles, transmissions, tires, and all trailer hardware. By isolating these vibrations, Goodyear Air Springs can keep vehicles out of the shop longer.
Manufacturer€™s warranty only